Swimming Pool Shop Analytics Software

Professional tool to choose the appropriate chemical treatment

All-in-one solution. Allows you to manage all the information about the pool and/or spa and its specific chemical treatments.


Access from any device, anywhere, anytime. BonPool Analytics is a WebApp that works on any device with a web browser and an Internet connection, without any kind of installation.

Effective management

Manage the database of your business customers, their pools and/or spas, as well as having a history of water analysis. You will be able to track your customers instantly and offer them a better service.


BonPool is made by pool professionals. It is constantly evolving to provide the best tools for the day-to-day running of a pool and wellness business. We listen to your ideas.

Why BonPool?

Everything you need to run a pool business

Customer management

Manage your business' customer database from BonPool. You will be able to distinguish between private customers, companies, residents' associations and professional maintainers. In addition, it creates lists using tags.

Swimming pool/spas sheets

Create cards for your clients' installations with all the necessary information. Attach photographs of your equipment, its location and have your water testing history available. Traceability from minute zero.

Save time

We know that time is money, so we created BonPool to streamline tedious processes in the day-to-day running of a pool business. Every day we work on improvements to increase the efficiency of your work in the shops.

Adaptable to your business

Whether you have one shop or more than one, you can integrate BonPool into your company. You can register all your shops, create users for your employees and assign them to their shops.

Water analysis

Produce comprehensive water analysis reports with solutions to water problems.

Step by step

Record water tests in 4 steps and get a report ready to share with your customers. The values that have been analysed and the product dosages necessary to solve the problems in the water will be displayed.

+15 analysis parameters

Get recommendations for more than 15 water chemistry parameters. Chlorine, pH, alkalinity, hardness, phosphates, iron, copper, manganese, TDS, salt and more. Analyse the ones you need according to your criteria and needs at the time.

Compatible with SpinTouch

Controls LaMotte SpinTouch and SpinLab devices via cable. Generate reports with the values obtained from the analysis disc, calibrate the device and even update it from BonPool.


You can share reports via public query link, generate a PDF file, send to an email address, QR code and WhatApp message.

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Here are some other features you might want to know about

Access for your customers

Your clients will be able to consult their client file and analysis history from home as soon as you have finished the analysis in your laboratory.

They can also consult the catalogue of products assigned to your shop and get advice on maintenance.

Available in 7 languages

Both the application interface and the contents are available in Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German and Catalan.

You can assign a different language for automatic communications to your customers.

We want your feedback

BonPool is built by all of us, which is why we take your opinions very seriously and integrate improvements based on your suggestions.

You can't count on your hands the number of features we have added thanks to your contributions.


Frequently Asked Questions

BonPool Analytics is a professional tool developed by BEHQ, a company specialised in swimming pool water treatment. This tool allows pool professionals to choose the right chemical treatment for each pool, depending on the water parameters.

BonPool is an application developed by BEHQ (Bonet Especialitats Hidroquímiques S.L.U.) and we offer it free of charge to all our customers who buy chemical products for swimming pools and spas. So you should only buy chemicals from BEHQ.

You will be able to provide customers with accurate information on the condition of their pool water and appropriate treatment recommendations. A happy customer is a returning customer.

It can be used by any pool professional who has a chemical shop for swimming pools and/or spas and wants to have an easier control over their customers’ installations. It is especially designed for those who spend too much time on water testing and report writing.

The Analytics module works by entering pool water parameters such as pH, chlorine, stabiliser, alkalinity and hardness. The tool uses this data to calculate the appropriate chemical treatment for the pool and generates a results report with product dosages to solve the water problems.

No. It works as a web application through any modern web browser and requires an internet connection to use it. It can be used on any device with a screen and a web browser, no matter how low the specifications.

Optionally it can be installed as a PWA (Progressive Web App) to be launched alternatively to the browser.

An Internet connection is required to use BonPool. As a cloud-based programme, it requires a network connection in order to be used. To its advantage, it does not require any installation and only a device with a browser is needed to use it.

We regret to inform you that BonPool Analytics is not compatible with Internet Explorer. This is because Internet Explorer is an obsolete browser that does not have the latest web technologies needed to run BonPool Analytics correctly.

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